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    Not really sure where to post this...

    Yesterday afternoon I found this in one of the nest boxes:


    I carefully rolled it into a bowl and stared at it some more.


    I've never had a shell-less egg before, but I've heard of them. It came with a big, nasty meat spot attached to it. I also think I know the chicken who laid this egg. She's a red sex link named Muffin who has calcium absorption trouble. I leave out oyster shells most of the time and supplement with egg shells if I don't have oyster available; Muffin eats just as much of them as the other girls but her shells are always extremely thin and brittle. Multiple times I've gone to crack an egg and the shell broke so fast it slipped to the floor. Not to mention her and the other hens sometimes eat her eggs (I've only ever had them eat Muffin's eggs) because while moving the eggs around the nest the shell will break, and we all know that that bright orange yolk is irresistible.

    Is there any way to help with Muffin's calcium absorption? Or should I cull her for her own good? Is she on her way towards laying internally?

    Thanks for any advice you can give.
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    they only do this once. she should be ok with the next egg.

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