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I have now hatched or attempted to hatch a decent number of shipped eggs. I have had a big difference in hatch % depending on where the eggs came from.
So......I now wish I had taken pictures of how the eggs were wrapped and shipped. I am trying to decide if the successful eggs arrived with air sacks intact because of how well the seller wrapped the eggs or because of the route the eggs came in the mail.

I did try to start eggs with scrambled air sacks, none made it. Yet others started within 48 hours did fine.

Without the photos I cannot say for sure but I am leaning more towards how the eggs are packed but I sure do not want to leave improper feedback. It is very frustrating when no eggs even start to develop when you paid more for eggs then shipped chicks cost. It is even more frustrating when contacting the seller and you are just shrugged off because the eggs arrived "intact".

I have had a couple of extremely helpful sellers especially jmhappycowboy who let me replace my Turken eggs that died in the power outage with just the shipping costs.

On the other hand I have had the poorly delivered no air cell and a large % of nonstarting (infertile?) eggs from others.
I may not be of too much help, but I was under the impression that the scrambled part had to do with the handling of the PO.
. Or thats kinda what makes sense to me. I may be wrong I'm a newbie this year on shipping eggs and getting eggs in the mail. I've had scrambled and detached air cells in a few different packages. All packaged different. I kinda look at it this way, now matter how you package the eggs if you take the box and shake it up pretty good,your goin to have scrambled eggs.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I dont want to give bad advice..
One of the 100% scrambled were egg sets were placed in a 1/2 carton then wrapped. The eggs were not wrapped individually.

I had eggs coming from the same state within a day or two of each other and one set arrives in good shape and another does not.....

I had bad eggs from a few hundred miles and good eggs from 2000+.

The more we talk about it here at my house the more inclined I am to think packaging.
Scrambled eggs suck, but they happen and yes, it's the PO. I've had pristinely packed eggs thoroughly scrambled anyway.

I've had pristinely packed eggs crushed.

I've had moderately packed eggs hatch without a hitch.

I've had perfectly packed eggs hatch without a hitch.

If they come well packed it's the PO.

If they come poorly packed it could have been the combination. I'd flag a senders comments if the eggs came poorly packed, or simply site EXACTLY how they came packed and let other buyers decide.

Most of the time, the sellers I deal with will resend scrambled - total no go's or shipments with broken eggs for shipping fees.

If they don't. I don't deal with them again, kinda simple.

If it's poorly packed and the dealer won't fix the packaging and resend then I have my answer.

Some new dealers don't know how to do it well. If you tell them what has worked in the past, they're more than happy to change the mistakes they made.

If they're deaf to suggestion, I have my answer.

People are people, experience varies and figure the postal system always sucks and successes are nice surprises.

I still do it because the risk is not out weighed by the type or quality or breed I want. Not because it's predictable.
farrier! :

One of the 100% scrambled were egg sets were placed in a 1/2 carton then wrapped. The eggs were not wrapped individually. .

Its a wonder they made it at all and not crushed if they didnt have anything around them individually to protect them.

I used to individually wrap each egg in bubble wrap and then pack newspaper around them. Here latley I've been using either the adds or coupons in the newspaper it wrap individually and stick in an egg carton, then wrap the egg carton in bubble wrap and pack newspaper around the bubblewraped egg carton. SO far so good!!​
If they are broken, its the packers fault, if they are internally scrambled, its the PO fault. When packing eggs its important that the egg does not come in contact with another egg, and that the egg does not come in contact with the side of the box. Padding on all sides of the box, plus padding on each egg, will usually result in a successful shipment of non broken eggs. However, I believe the most damaging thing for an egg is to travel and be stored upside down. If cartons are used, and the box remains upright for the entire trip, the eggs usually will be hatchable. If the eggs are packed on their sides, the box can be upside down without problems, but if the box ends up on its edge, then these eggs will be damaged. I know that priority boxes are machine sorted so they can quite possibly be in an upside down position for a while. Which is why I believe some eggs arrive in good shape and some do not, if they happen to be upside down for say, a day, and then travel on a truck upside down for a day. When I pack eggs I place the bottom layer upright and the top layer on their sides, so hopefully some, or if the box never ends up upside down, all of them, will survive the trip. Hope this makes sense:)
I'm sorry but I'll disagree with an upside down totally undeveloped egg being any kind of problem. Not the way I've found eggs upside down in mud two weeks later. And not when they've been shipped and the whole thing went well. Didn't matter which end was up.

In general right side up or upside down or sideways, before it's incubated a unicellular organism isn't gonna give a fig.

That's like bubble wrap killing eggs. Anyone else totally encase some eggs in bubble wrap for five days and then hatch them? Someone here mentioned doing it - I did, voila normal development. Bubble wrap is porus to oxygen.

Which end up for two or three days of shipping doesn't do a darn thing. And nobody had better be shipping eggs that have already incubated for 3-5 days. That'd certainly kill them.

And given the condition of boxes I have gotten with broken eggs ummm yes, the PO certainly can bust open, dent, and crush a box and have eggs be broken and it be their fault.

And yes they can scramble them and leave not a mark on it, or it's dented, or it's broken open.

I really should have took a pic of the boot print on one.

They never ever ever keep a box "right side up" in transit unless you PAY for that form of transit. And believe me - it ain't express and it ain't priority. You ask anyone in the Postal system . It ain't happening. So you've never in your life recieved a box that wasn't upside down at some point in shipping or the entire way because the men, the machines and the gods don't even begin to notice that it's anything other than one more box.
Well im sorry but it DOES matter to the little"unicellular organism" it needs a correct stable egg to start development, it needs a yolk that is stable and connected to the white in the proper way and an air cell in the proper position.
I have gotten several shipments of eggs recently, packed all kinds of different ways. The PO does play into the scrambling. I believe if the eggs get to me unbroken and not cracked it is the PO's fault. But to me, if I were selling eggs I would replace the order if more then half have ruptured air cells or if I did not recieve the number of eggs I purchased unbroken. Many of the sellers do not care to even respond when I have a problem with eggs I received. Especially the really expensive eggs. The people not trying to make a living off eggs are much more inclined to replace them for shipping.

The best way I have received eggs is: each egg wrapped in bubble wrap and tapped closed, padding all around the box, the eggs on their sides, no eggs touching (padding between each one), and packed firm but not tight with padding.

Another way was bantam eggs in a jumbo egg carton, each spot filled with pine crumbles that were damp, not wet, then topped with more pine crumbles. The carton was closed, wrapped in bubble wrap, and put into a box of peanuts.
AS Wolf-Kim would say, "Accidents happen - but you still have to pay for them."

Been there, done that. Im sorry it happened to you. The thing to do now is try again....

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