shipped and scrambled, packing or post office?

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    Well, I am wondering the same thing here and as my eggs come and I incubate I will let you know what I find.
    5 goose eggs, pine shaving enclosed and bubble wrapped- so far 3 look good, 2 possibilities
    7 peacock eggs- wrapped in newspaper - 3 look good, 1 quitter and 3 maybe's
    7 giant blue cochin- came in egg carton I think- none look good, but only 4 days out
    10 black copper marans-came in egg carton and individually wrapped--can see some air cells, hoping 20-30% make it, but hey it is better than none and still a bit early
    Still waiting to candle the white plymouth--egg carton, delaware-individual in newspaper

    Turkens and blue frizzle cochins coming soon. Will update

    I have heard that if the PO x-rays them they will not hatch well or at all. Is that true? Even if they are marked do not x-ray I am sure that Uncle Sam isn't gonna let them through security without x-raying them. What is your idea on that?
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    The percentage of packages x-rayed is microscopic compared to the 10s of millions of boxes sent daily.

    100s of millions? You'd have to ask the PO how many they move daily but you can bet your bottom dollar maybe a 10th of one percent are xrayed. It costs MONEY and time (which is also money) to do so and your shipping fees would quadruple.

    Myth. Myth about bubble wrap, myth about xrays.

    Shipping is hard on eggs, they're not really designed for the Postal system, that any hatch at all ever - having gone through the Postal System's Bend Fold Spindle and Mutilate Process is a minor miracle. Shipping even if it didn't subject them to rough handling, generally does expose them to humidity shifts and drying that a regular egg is not.
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    im about to ship my first batch of eggs pretty soon and i hope that they go through with care i know they are really good since it was the post office that called me 7 in the morning to pick up my little ones from ideal so i hope they will take great care and since they are super small
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    Here's my experience, both as a buyer and seller... eggs that are individually wrapped in bubble wrap, ends open, and placed directly into a box do best during shipment. I have lower hatches when the eggs are totally covered in bubble wrap, and cracked eggs when they're packed inside egg cartons that are then wrapped in bubble wrap.

    And the new trend toward putting the eggs into holes that are cut into solid foam is bad, bad, bad. I had 36 eggs shipped to me this way, and only 2 were viable. The egg shells were perfect, but all the yolks were scrambled.

    When eggs are immobilized, whether in foam or in egg carton packaging, the eggs themselves can't move, so the yolk gets tossed about. All that energy from being jostled during shipment has to go somewhere!

    Kathy, Bellville TX
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    It is both the packaging and the USPS depending on where you live.

    Number 1, the post office does not x-ray eggs. They use the same machine to scan some boxes that the airport does when scanning purses and carry ons. There is practically no radiation in those machines.

    Number 2, how does your mail get to your distribution center? Some cities do not have pressurized cargo planes that bring in the mail. This will cause scrambled yolks and loose air cells.

    Number 3, how were the eggs packed? I always pack my eggs in cartons surrounded by waxed paper. I tape the carton shut and bubble wrap the carton. I have had excellent hatching rates from my shipped eggs.
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