Shipped Eggs within same state under 2 days in fairly consistent mild temperatures. Is a long rest n

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    Hi all,
    I normally let my hens do the work, but decided recently to breed a new flock. I ordered shipped eggs, and they were literally only 2 hours driving distance away. We are in FL and the temperatures are actually mild right now. Shipper was in FL also in same temp range as where we are. They spent only 2 days traveling the USPS system and arrived in perfect condition. Actually I picked them up at the post office because I wanted to lessen the handling.

    Is a 4 hour rest enough for them? I want them to go in with the other eggs I have that are ready. What is the risk of not waiting a lengthy rest?

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    The resting period for shipped eggs has less to do with temperatures and more to do with minimizing the effects of any potential air cell disruption. Shipped eggs should be allowed to rest at least 24 hours before setting. If the air cells are badly damaged and detached, turning should be delayed another 72 hours.

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