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    Apr 14, 2010
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    Does anyone know if it is true that Polish eggs do not ship well? A friend of mine REALLY wants Polish chickens, but the next hatch I do will be at my son's school, so I need something that will actually make it! [​IMG] So far I have not located any polish eggs locally, but I will keep looking if it is true that they don't ship well... could also get some shipped Polish and local "other" eggs, I guess. Anyone have any thoughts? [​IMG]
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    Jun 24, 2010
    Quote:I have ordered two lots of polish eggs, and they came through the postal service... first lot mixed colours 4/6 hatched, second lot silver laced polish 4/6 hatched... So a good outcome for me... Good luck with your hatches [​IMG]
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    Mar 29, 2010
    It is all in how they are packed and how rough the PO is with them. I got a shipment of 9 and only got 3 to hatch and one died shortly after hatch. The PO did a horrible number on them, all had detached air cells.

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