Shipping Chicks

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I ordered 20 from and got 22, and I suspect they came from Cackle, as efowl is just a chick retailer for hatcheries. They are wonderful, and so far, two weeks later, so good.
I ordered 75 from Murray McMurray and all arrived in Alaska safe and sound in April, still a little chilly here then.
I am shipping my first batch tomorrow. They completed hatching tonight, so into a small shipping box with one of the straw-like pads on the bottom. The label goes on the top, express shipping since going to CA from KY. I put some grow gel in the box and taped it shut, the postal lady will weight it I suppose and give me a shipping price and I will pray they make a speedy but quiet trip. It's not really that hard to do, just order shipping boxes, straw pads and for good measure grow gel. A heater pack is good for cold weather shipping. Now, wish me luck and good luck to you too.
go to your post office they will tell you what you need to ship your birds. also yes we have shipped exspress and have great luck very quick getting to their new home. all making it safe and sound.

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