Shipping Crate - is this an okay deal?


9 Years
Dec 21, 2010
I have been planning on building a coop/run combo that was somewhat similiar to this:
I have some scrap lumber, but will need to buy some plus the wire.

Today, i saw a large shipping crate for $70 on Craigslist 8w x 5L x 7T. They told me on the phone it isn't chemically treated but of course I don't really know...
So, how hard/expensive do you think it will be to add the roof, door, ventlation etc on this shipping crate.?
If it were me I would snap up one (or several) in a heartbeat. It would be easy and very inexpensive to put a door, windows, and roof on that crate. You could probably find most of what you need at a salvage yard or Habitat Re-store. Then you'd have a full-size walk-in coop for next to nothing. I would prime/paint inside and out with an exterior paint to preserve the wood- shipping crates are not usually made from treated wood because it's too expensive. Plop a linoleum remnant on the floor, add the door and windows, and you're good to go. I say go for it.
Free is diffinitely better, but $70 is not a bad price for all that wood. You could try offering them less, but if not, I'd buy one or two. Great start on a coop!
Hi Shery
We on the Washington thread are trying to get at least 5 of us to get them cheaper. Im going to call on Monday and see how low they will go for us. One of the people lives with in 35 miles so they might have them take to her place. Let me know if you want in with a PM..
I haven't been able to find a nice tall, walk in size crate for free....

Wow thanks - you have a PM, I am very interested. I haven't been keeping up on all the posts here so wasn't reading the Washington thread.
I would jump on it and you know they will take less...Im always looking for those and cant ever find any. What a great start for a coop

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