Shipping day confusion?

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Mar 1, 2011
Upstate NY
I have seen in several diffent places that some hatcheries "ship some orders on fridays", or "only ship on fridays".

Here's where the confusion comes in.
If the hatch date lists as a Monday, how is this possible? I am not trying to start trouble, but I have been doing a ton of research and fishing around (not just at this site), and I have noticed that some people state the above and was wondering if it's even possible.
Wow well that would make sense to me, since I ordered 25 peepers and they are suppose to be able to survive off of their yolk up to 3 days after hatching,I received mine within 48 hours, then I open my box to find half of them dead. I guess maybe they are older than they claim.
Seems logical
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If anyone were to ship me an order on Friday I would be very upset. I expect my order to arrive in 2 days. Now hatching and sending on a Sat. would work because although the PO is closed on Sundays the mail is still in route, as chicks would be so they may well arrive at the PO on Monday and be available for pick up.
However, I hatch about 30-60 chicks a week here on the farm and I can assure you that some chicks can last for a few days without food but others, like my Marans, are ready to eat within 12 hours after hatch.
I had a shipment lost from Ideal and did not get it until a week later. Most chicks were still alive but I was mad as a wet hen! One at ideal for shipping during the week of Thanksgiving and also at the PO for not being able to handle the delivery.
THe hatch dates listed for MM are Mondays. Thanks to BYC, I knew the chicks could arrive a little before or after this day.

The main distribution center for USPS called SUnday 10 am.We could pick up today or the chicks could be sent on to our local PO for Monday delivery. DH went right away to pick them up.

WHen I called MM to verify hatch date, it was Saturday. My chickies arrived at about 1 day old. WE lost 2.over the next few days
I've gotten three shipments from McMurray this year. They always hatch on Saturday per their website, but the first two didn't get to me until mid-morning Tuesday and I lost close to half on both shipments. I tried one last time to get the chicks I wanted, and the third shipment was at our main post office on Sunday mid-morning. I don't know why the main post office didn't call me with the first two shipments instead of sending them out again to my local post office. Anyway, I didn't lose any of those in the third shipment.

I fear we're at the mercy of USPS. Luckily I live in a small farming town, so the gals at the PO open the boxes and give them water right away when they come in, and they put them in a heated room.
This is what happened to us. I know the birds will be replaced, but how discouraging. For the record, the women that convinced me that the chicks would be fine- that I was just being a silly nervous nellie, have ordered from mcmurray for the last 20 years. They were shocked when they opened the box this morning. Out of 130 chicks, 40 were DOA. The 30 bantams didn't make it. There have been a few still dying, all my rose comb brown leghorns are gone, and so are my dominiques. Of the 20 partridge rocks still alive, some are straight run and 4 people are going to be fighting over the remaining birds. I don't know if I want any bc I am trying not to get roosters. How disappointing.

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