Shipping of eggs??

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    Oct 13, 2009
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    Does anyone know how eggs are shipped? Are the mail people AWARE of what is IN the packages?? Do the shippers just say on the package "handle with care" or do they put on the package that "these are eggs"? And do the eggs sit in the shipping truck at night or in a warehouse? Are the warehouses heated? I'm nervous I have some eggs coming and I'm worried about them, did they get too cold and won't hatch, did they get jumbled around and won't hatch??? AHHHHHHH [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Mine were all sent priority mail. All were marked "Fragile". 2 boxes were marked "Hatching eggs", 1 was marked 'EGGS'. 3 boxes were packed with individually bubble wrapped eggs. 1 of them was double boxed. The fourth set were individually wrapped in toilet paper, in a cardboard egg carton. All were padded with newspapers, bubble wrap or shredded paper. That's 39 eggs in 4 boxes! lol None were broken. [​IMG] All were from Ebay. I also bought off a BYC'er a day ago, so hopefully I'll have more tomorrow!

    I believe the boxes sit where they land. If they happen to be at processing, that's where they sit overnight. If they happen to be on the truck already....
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    I could answer all with one word, MAYBE.

    Egg shippers put all kinds of stuff on the boxes an some put nothing to stay under the radar. Some egg ship fine an others just dont make it. Fifty % hatch is good for shipped eggs.
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    I think the OP's question is about the postal handlers. ??

    I can tell you what I have seen at my post office. I went in to check on a package I was expecting. The packages were not yet sorted, and I watched as they looked for my package. All priority boxes were tossed into a large bin. There was no special handling at all. I am assuiming that the, "fragile," and, "hatching eggs, " or, "live embryos," messages are ignored. I don't know where they are stored between stops.
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    Oct 13, 2009
    New Paris, Pa 15554
    Geesh my whole day is just wrecked. I was expecting my eggs today but mail man just came and went. My eggs are in Pittsburgh where they have been since last night, probably freezing to death!! I'm mad!!![​IMG] If I was the shipper I'd be [email protected]@%$ for spending the money to ship priority and not getting the service I paid for, I guess its hard for the mail to guarantee this but for the money paid for shipping it should be done right. Thanks for every ones responses. Yes My question was about the postal workers, because the shipper I have faith in cares and knows what their doing. [​IMG] I got my incubator heated and ready for 2 and half days now!!!! I was SO EXCITED to get my eggs today, Darn MAIL!![​IMG]
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    My Mail lady delivers my eggs right to my door, live chicks are shipped to the PO 13 miles away where I have to pick them up. When I have shipped eggs I wrap each egg individually then fill the shipping box with bubblewrap in all gaps padding the bottom,top and all sides. I mark boxes with fragile stickers as well as mark them "hatching eggs handle with care". I haven't had any problems doing it that way but as for how the PO handles the boxes I haven't the slightest clue.
  8. deerman

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    I have been shipping eggs for over 4 year, not one broken egg or any missing boxes. If well pack, they will be fine ,dont worry. Still hatch rate of 50% or higher is good on shipped eggs.

    I have marked then as eggs also just fragile still none broken, so i think the USPS do fine, mostly the packing that people have trouble with when receiving broken eggs
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    Oct 18, 2009
    I asked the shipper to mark the box for customer pickup to save the eggs from bouncing around for a few hours. On my last shipment I forgot to do that but called the Post Office and asked them to hold the package with no problems. I've gotten eggs from 6 different sellers and the only one that arrived cracked was shipped with the eggs in a carton that had foam rubberbanded over the top separating the eggs. One of those were cracked, but the seller sent 18 when 12 were paid for. I'm going to do some investigating to see if all parcels are routinely xrayed for airline safety or if it is a random screening. If so, I'll ask for foil to be added to protect them. To me it is a miracle even one egg survives the journey! I'll just be happy when I get my core flocks started and can incubate my own eggs..... yeah!
  10. rebelcowboysnb

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    I know lead stops x-rays but does foil really do anything?

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