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Nov 24, 2020
San Jose, Ca
Hi everyone,
We just ordered out first shipment of chicks from MPC. They were shipped yesterday and tracking said it will arrive today by noon. My tracking info says The package was received package acceptance pending. I’ve attached a screenshot of the tracking.
Should I be concerned, as it appears they’re still in Ohio or is this normal? The guaranteed delivery time is quickly approaching.



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I think it means that the package has been accepted at the USPS distribution center in Cleveland, OH but it has not yet left the building as it is either still pending approval or maybe they just haven't updated the tracking information. Have you tried contacting usps in Cleveland, OH yet?
The post office is really bad with updating the status. It may be close to you already, but contact them anyway. I had the same thing happen when I had some eggs shipped. They were showing the same status your chick's package is showing. I was on the phone with the USPS 800 number when I got a call from the local post office that the eggs were there ready to be picked up
The two times I ordered chicks this year, I paid for expedited shipping (to Hawaii). I did not get even one update both times. The chicks arrived in 3 days, instead of the promised 2, but did well overall. You can not count on the tracking. It is nerve wracking to be sure. Chances are good they will arrive safely. Please post when they make it. I think we all worry!☺

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