Shipping today


11 Years
Nov 10, 2008
Just got an email and my 18+ bantam cochin eggs are shipping today. Got my broody hen all set in brooder Fri. and she is fine. Eggs should get here Wed. and will put under her Thurs. Evening. All this for my daughter who isn't even here to help. She has bible school this week.
Wish me luck on our first try.
Hey bstarr! I am attempting my first hatching also but witha bator. I have 7 silkie eggs that were shipped today. I ordered 12 mixed batum eggs too but have recieved comfirmation on the shipping for those as of yet!! I'm a nervous wreak!!
good luck! I have a dozen Black Copper Marans eggs 6 from one breeder 6 from another showing up tomorrow they were shipped Monday! We will all be hatching around the same time and its my first hatching too! good luck everyone
every ones eggs show up without issues!
Congrats ! You need to be careful and not overload her because that can result in a lot of rotten eggs. Just make sure she can cover all the eggs all the time. You are better off to set less if you need to. Since you are going to be packing her full you should candle asap and remove any infertiles.
Good Luck !

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