Shivering Chicken?


8 Years
Jun 11, 2011
Hi y'all,
My little three week old Australorp chick seems to shiver! When I hold her, she is almost vibrating, like a cat purring or something.... or like someone shaking in the cold...but she can't be cold! SHe eats and drinks and plays with the other chicks and seems to be fine but when she's standing still I can see her shaking slightly!
Anyone know what could be going on?
Feel her feet. They may be cold. If so, lower the heat lamp or raise the wattage of the bulb. If not, google shivering chick, your bound to find something. Honestly, you can find anything on the internet today, lol!

Could I get an update on this? I have a 5 week old chick that appears to do the same thing.
The only difference is that mine has its Momma with him. Very active, eats too.

Just wondering if yours grew out of this or if it....passed on. :eek:(
Twig-I would PM the op directly. Few go back to check on old posts. I'm thinking that nervousness could play a role in shaking like that too. But also, just because a chick is with mama doesn't mean it won't be chilled occasionally. Just like little kids that get cold but don't want to go back inside the house because they're having too much fun outside... plus, depending on your location, at this time of year it def. could be a cold issue. My adults will shiver at times when they're cold - shivering is an attempt to warm up the body.
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