Short story of my chook continously getting out

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    My little darling hen, Goldy who is a buff Orpington, bantam size enjoys getting into mischief. One day as I was feeding the chook I noticed that she hadn’t come to scoff up all the food. I wondered where she was, I looked all around the chook pen. I was worried in case the mum let the dogs for a run and they would find her and…..don’t want to think about it. Anyway after a while I found her. In the jacaranda tree! Which is huge and very very high this one. So with some food she came down and she went back to bed. I fixed up the holes only to find her the next day roaming around again! So I fixed it up good and now she is happy again staying in the chook pen.
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    Glad she's safe. Those banty chickens can fly very well can't they?

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