Should 1 day to 1 week old chickens be given a dose of Aristopet Worm-enda. If so how much.

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    Hello all fellow chook worshipers ! [​IMG]

    Can someone tell me if I should worm my day old and week old chickens. And if so what the dosage would be and for how long. This is more a preventative than anything.


    Thank you my flock! [​IMG]
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    They are too young. Also unless they've been outside or had access to soil brought in from outside it's unlikely they'll have/get worms yet. Chickens usually pick up worm eggs from eating soil and things found in the soil and earth worms are carriers too. So hang on with the earth worm treats for now. My vet recommended I start deworming my chicks when they are at least a month old.

    There are a few dewormers on the market and some are better than others. They all have different dosages, but generally the withdrawal period is around 14 days. If you type "dewormer" into the advanced search bar you will get loads of threats on the topic. Read through a couple of them and see what the different members' opinions are regarding the different brands. Many people deworm as a preventative every 6 months and of course you should do it immediately if there is evidence of worms in your flock's droppings.
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