Should I be concerned about my chicks foot.


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Jan 19, 2010
My chicks are three weeks old. One of them has what appears to be a cut or sore on her foot. I think it might be a peck wound from the other chick but since I'm new to this I haven't a clue. No matter what it is does anyone have any recommendations of how to treat it or what I should do. They seem to play nicely and hang out together well so not sure if it was a one time thing or if it's one of the parasites I have heard about. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
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pictures do wonders here, but a little bit of triple antibiotc and some athletes tape seems to do wonders. Just make sure you cover up any blood spots--it is like a target to the other chicks.
looks fine. just hide the red from the other chicks, otherwise you will have an issue.
So do you think it was from a peck from the other chicken or something else?
Are you using a red heat lamp? If not, sometimes other chicks' toes look like worms and will get pecked. As soon as there's blood, they keep pecking. The red lamp disguises the red color of blood.

A couple of options. First, get some blukote and cover the sore. Second, give the babies a bit of hamburger or high protein treat like meal worms or crickets. That will satisfy the blood lust.

You could do both, actually; the blukote and protein snack.

But I think that you should do something with the toe to disguise the blood.


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