Should I be concerned?

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    My two black australop chicks do not make a sound or are as active as my other chicks were? They don't seem or act sick just very laid back. I have two of them in the brooder and they do not make a peep. They don't scurry around like the other chicks(californias, bantams, and comets) I had in there with them. Those guys moved outside about a week ago. Are they lonely? They liked to be picked up and petted but are not as active as the other chicks were. I bought them at the same time from the feed store and they are about two weeks old now.

  2. Do those 2 chicks stay close to each other? if so to make them make a chirp, just take one out of the brooder, don't separate them, just pick up the chick and hold it out of sight of the other chick! but they also could be lonely without the rest of flock, try putting them in the coop w/the other chicks for a little bit and watch them, see what they do!

    That's all I got for you, Hope it works!!
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