Should i be concerned?!!!!


6 Years
Aug 16, 2013
Low Desert, CA
Hi everyone. Not sure where I should be posting this but I might have a problem. After getting advice on here I decided to deworm my 6 week old flock. I used Wazine and followed the instructions to a T. Well I walked out to check on them and they were flaring their feathers and dumping watery poop. And my biggest one looked like her bottom feathers on her wing were black! She is a Buff Orpington! I did not notice it on the others. I wanted to catch her and get a closer look but I cant run because I am very very ill and plus I don't want my chickens getting sick. Is this normal?
Okay so I went out there and caught her today. The feathers are not black but dark due to some kind of weird wetness. Almost goo feeling.

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