Should I be concerned?

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    Dec 17, 2014
    Turns out I made a few mistakes in my incubating for the first time. Nothing major from the responses I received. Turns out I was a day off and started lock down a day early. This far I have 4 hatched chicks and 1 more piped. I am running 70% humidity and 99* for temp. No others that I can tell have piped should I be concerned? Below is the first post that I started the other day for those that did not read it or see it. Thanks for the input this is a great site and very helpful.

    " This is the first time incubating for me it is day 21 and no dimpling or pip should I be concerned? I set eggs on a Sunday night and took them out of the turner on day 19 in the morning and set them on their side. Candled them on night 19 all seemed to be good to me by good I mean growing, moving and good heavy red blood veins and the air sac looked to be a good size from what I have read. My temp has been a consistent 99 degrees and humidity at 50 to 60 % throughout setting now I am maintaining 65 to 70 %. I am using a Hovabator 2362 E circulated air type."

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