Should I be upset about this a wwyd situation I guess....


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Ok I have been wondering if I should say something or just let it go, I vacillate from one to the other but have now seen a post and all I can think is Karma baby.

Ok this is what happened:

I had a bird on eggbid, someone who is also a BYC member bid on it, we spoke back and forth via e-mail so there was communication. At the time that person also bid on another bird some one else was selling. Right before the auction ended a second bid came in and won. When I went to contact that person the e-mail did not exist. After a little investigating I am almost 100% sure that the person with the original bid made up the second bid to avoid buying the bird. Now the two of us had spoken through e-mail and BYC and turns out I had bought eggs from them before all of this happened. Anyway there is no reason that this person could possibly have thought I would force the bird upon them had they changed their minds, all that was needed was to tell me. I would have been happy to re-list the bird and let them pull out of the auction with out any $ spent (turs out I sold the bird locally anyway) . Instead they wasted my time with me contacting or trying to contact a fake person, it was annoying. Now turns out that the chooks they did buy are sick (that's the karma part). I contacted the person after the auction just to make sure and told them that the winning bid (just $1 above theirs) was a fake and that by default they had won the auction, no response, big surprise.

Now should I confront the person via e-mail?

Put a negative feed back on eggbid for them as a buyer

Just let it go and say to myself that karma got them back, the only problem with this is I am sure they will do the same to others and my auction was a very low one but it could really mess up someone else selling a more expensive bird if they did the same thing to them.

So what do you think?
Like the others said..since you have no proof about the e-mail thing..just let good old Karma bite them in the fanny!

Maybe egg bid can track their IP#? then you would have proof... then you could really slam them..
I'd contact eggbid..
ok well karma it is, and you are all right I do have more to deal with than this silliness it just really rubbed me the wrong way.
Seems like she has her hands full with her decisions and that should be enough. I need to learn to let things roll off my back more....
I'm not saying I wouldn't have been upset. I'm just saying you have no evidence to back up your accusation, therefore you have no choice but to let karma reign supreme.
You know there is the possibility that you might be completely wrong in your assumption. People seem to not pay for auctions on Eggbid a lot. One thing may have nothing to do with the other.

You also can't force someone to buy an auction "by default". They either win it or they don't. You can't very well leave negative feedback on someone that didn't even win your auction.

As others have said, KARMA! It is frustrating, but sometimes you just to let things go, especially if you have no proof.
I never intended to force them to pay by default I just knew if they really had wanted the chicken that getting it at the price they bid would have made most people happy. I was outbid on a chook once and when the winner failed to pay the seller contacted me, by that time I had already decided on another bird and told them so but had I not I would have been very happy to be the runner up. I could see that the Fake e-mail address was created and bid just a few minutes before the end of the bid, the name had no other purchases or sales on eggbid and you could see it was created right before the auction ended, then the e-mail was no longer in existence according to AOL. I can see no other logical reason to bid on something only to erase any way of contacting once auction ended. I honestly do not think it is a coincidence. I also am not the type to try to force anyone to buy anything I just told them that the winner was a fake and would they like to be the "runner up" The fact that they could not be bothered with a response and the same type of bird was purchased at the same time makes me think that they were in fact the other Fake person and were just trying to get out with out having to buy him. I do think proof is necessary so I might as eggbid to see if the IP address is the same but I am willing to bet a $100 that it is.

It is the lack of honesty that pisses me off not the decision to buy a better bird, that I understand completely as my bird for auction was PQ not SQ. During the time of the auction and through PM's on BYC we had spoken at least 6 times so its not like they could not tell the type of person I am. Also I love my chooks and would never sell one to someone who did not really want them.

eta the bird was only $15 so we are not talking about a fourtune here even with shipping it came to only $45
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