Should I be Worried!! :( (please read)


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Apr 25, 2010
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ok Well I have 9 pullets, 5 are now laying. Well Im worried about Chip, my younger hen. I walked in the coop after school , and she went in the nesting boxes as soon as I came in their, I desided im going to watch her. Well 2 mintues she poped out an egg, She walked out.. dident sing the egg song or anything. I was some what wondeing. Well my younger Barred rock pullet went in there and she comes out with this white thing... I was confussed so I took it from her. if was white and rubber like. and I looked in the box and theres yolk ( the inside of the egg) I was so confussed, it diddent have a egg shell on it really, like rubber...and my barred rock broke it open on accident.

What is that about, Im really worried so I put her in a cage, with hay. so I can make sure she gets lots or layer mash and water. and so i can moter her egg laying.

please answer and tell me why this is happening
I have reconized I havent really got a egg from her in a few days so im wondering if she has been laying like this in the last few days?
Sometimes hens lay shell-less eggs as their "factories" begin to get things downpat. Shouldn't happen very often, but isn't necessarily something to worry about.
I know this can happen when they just start laying, but if she has been laying awhile...then I don't know. I think your plan to confine her so she has to eat the laying mash is probably a good plan. I have free ranging hens that just started laying in August and I noticed that sometimes the shell on some of them were fairly thin, so I started letting them out later in the morning. I knew they would eat more of the laying pellets since they wake up hungry.
Normal for new layers to have weird eggs sometimes. Are you offering oyster shell, some birds need a little extra calcium. No worries!
It is normal for beginners to lay soft shell or sometimes shelless eggs. Their egg making machinery is just getting going and has to work out the kinks. It takes a while for them to be "normal". I would definitely offer the oyster shell all the time. Just put it in a tin on the ground by their food and they will eat as needed. It's kind of cool how they instinctively know they need extra calcium. I have one EE who still lays a soft shell egg occassionally. She is the only one of my hens who regularly partakes of the oyster shell.
My Goldie's first egg was a soft shell egg. Nothing to worry about, feed their egg shells back to them, crushed up, and dried (or baked, some ppl do it), it's an extra source of calcium for them.

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