Should i bring her in?


10 Years
May 4, 2009
I have a little Cochin hen who has gone very broody. I believe she is not eating a drinking at all. I am a bit worried about her at this point. She just refuses to leave the nest. Should i bring her in the house with her eggs and put her in some sort of brooder? Or should i just let her be? Thanks everyone!
do you want babies? If so - leave her. You can take food and water to her if you think she needs it. My broody's have always got up to get food and water - they scrambled around in a FOWL mood, till they get what they need and get back to the nest.
Yes.. gonna try for babies with her. Ok, i will bring her some food and water. Thanks!
Oh my, that requires a long reply. i'll try for the short reply:

She should not stay in the nest box. Other chickens might try to get on the eggs and break them if they fight. I have had this happen more than once. I think other hens find a nest with eggs attractive. Also, if she comes out to eat, she might go to the wrong box and the eggs will die. I've had this happen also.

She needs her own broody place, with food and water available nearby. It's kinda late for a broody (although I have three right now). You might check to see that she is really broody and not just ill. She should be mostly bare on her breast feathers, and should puff up and holler at you some when you stick your hand in there. She will also go right back to the nest after you take her out. She might sit on the ground for a few minutes, but will go back in. If she hasn't been out for a while, take her out. She will probably walk around and poo.
I usually just go out to the coop and physically get the broody off the nest (once a day). She usually eats and drinnks a little, then goes right back in. When I was a kid growing up on the farm, we never even did that. Just left it up to the hen. Come to think of it, I never saw one die on top of the eggs, either; they always seemed to be OK.
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I have moved a broody once before - from one coop into the other next door - and she never went back to sit on her eggs after that move.

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