Should I Do It?

It is much better, to get ducks that are the same age. Why would you get adult Cayugas, and then 2 other ducklings? Get either all adults and integrate, or do way less integration and get all ducklings. The adults may pick in the babies, and have the capability of killing them. You need a lot of integration. It is possible to do it, but getting all the same age is better. Hope this helps!
They won't be together until they are big enough. I have had ducks before and I'm very picky
I saw your other threads about the pekin drake and mallard duck. If you get two adult female cayugas that would definitely help your female out more than ducklings. I don't believe anyone mentioned it in the other threads, but the drake duck ratio should be around 1:4 to 1:8. Before you hade 2 drakes and 2 ducks, which is not the best ratio. Drakes can fight, and females can be over breed and injured. Some people have gotten it to work out ok, but usually the drakes are raised up together like your original males were. If you decide to get drakes again, just realize it may not be as harmonious as before.
The reason i had two drakes is because one was my brothers and we plained to get more. And the reason I'm getting ducklings also is because i love raising babies
Raising ducklings is a lot of fun. I don't see it being a problem. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of potential issues with too many males. I think your ducks overall will be happier with more in the flock. Best of luck with your flock.

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