Should I get an incubator?

Farming Frenzy

6 Years
Mar 23, 2013
Kerikeri New Zealand
I was thinking, is it best to get an incubator?
I have 3 silkie hens and a silkie rooster at home, and I have started breeding them, hoping to get a splash ( male + female are both blue ) ... at the moment the blue hen is broody, therefore she may not mate with the rooster. Howhever she may be mating with him at least once when she comes off the nest. Then I'd like to take her eggs and place them under another broody hen... but is it best if that I incubate them? I get broody hens very often, one hen goes broody, raises the chicks, and goes broody again straight after.

Is an incubator more reliable? I know it's easier to let the mother hen do it all
( feeding the chicks, keeping them warm...)

question: does it still take 21 days for eggs to hatch in an incubator?

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