should i grow grass with chickens and ducks

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6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
i have an acre of compacted dirt and i was gonna get some chicks and ducklings. i was gonna plow the land and plant some grass because im gonna let the chickens and ducks free range when they get older and id like some padding for their little footsies. my question is should i even bother planting grass, or will they destroy it? if so, is there an alternative to soft ground other than grass?
I don't know an acre is a pretty big area. How many chickens were you putting on it?

My parents are on an acre an I can't imagine a normal small flock destroying it to be honest.
I agree an acre is big and wont get destroyed if rotated

only thing is an acre is a lot to seed

but yes I agree they need fresh grass its good for them

infact in the UK if the RSPCA or RSPCB come out to your home and see no grass they will say either grow grass for grazing or get rid of the birds

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