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    Sep 19, 2019
    Hi all. This is our first time hatching. Our chick started pipping around 7pm last night and made lots of progress this morning and then progression has stopped for hours now (probably around 8 or 9hrs). Should we intervene at this point? I am reading on how it could possible be stuck to membrane. Not sure what to do. It is chirping and occasionally egg rocks. Thanks for any advice.

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    Hatching is hard work, your egg shells look like mine about need a jack hammer to open em, I intervene if the chirping gets a little weaker, sometimes they have to stop to get the absorbing of things while they rest , but have never seen one stop at that point it is in the way out either so would keep listening and maybe add some Vaseline or coconut oil to the membrane to prevent it from drying and intervene if chick starts sounding weak
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    Don't bother them it can take 12 hours from pip to zip. They absorb the yolk during that time.
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    I am afraid you chick might be stuck. It looked pretty gooey in there.
    Is it still moving now?
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    I realize this goes back to last night, and something surely has happened by now, but for future reference, once they start to zip (which it appears yours has), and I mean breaking shell at least an inch or two -- not just a pip -- they should continue and complete the zip within an hour to 90 minutes at the most. If they stop once they get started, just grab the egg, gently insert your thumb where the big break is, and pry backwards on the air cell end. Then put it back in the incubator and let it push out of the bottom shell on its own. Many times they will kick out into your hand, so be prepared not to drop them if it happens.

    I hope it hatched ok! :fl
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