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Jun 25, 2009
I have a 2 year old Americana who was fine until this morning. I noticed she's wheezing a little and not moving very fast. As I watched her, she came out of the henhouse and has been squatting in the run. I can see her straining and, as her back is to me, I can see her vent - it looks like she's trying to lay, but nothing will come out. Of course, I just noticed the behavior an hour ago, so maybe she's just not "there" yet.

Should I intervene and try to break the egg or massage it to help, or should I let her go on her own for a bit first? When should I "get involved"?

Taking her age into consideration and straining involved, I'd bring her in the house and put her in a container with warm water about halfway up her sides. Gently massage her underside for about 10-15 minutes. This should help expand her innards and the massaging helping pass the egg along. You can wear a plastic disposable glove and lube her vent with olive oil...this will help stretch the vent area and help the egg slide out easier.
Here's what I did (pretty much what you said to).

I brought her in and soaked her in the laundry tub. She didn't want to put her butt in the water so I got a rag and cleaned her off and held it to her vent. Then I put her in a dog crate with towels and food and water. I did get a plastic glove and olive oil and stick my finger up her vent to lube it, but I didn't feel any blockage. I tried feeling all around her vent area and don't think I felt an egg, but I could be wrong. I dried her off and even blew the hair dryer on her butt for a bit. She's walking around straining and pushing and grunting and nothing is coming out. Should I just wait at this point?
PS - not sure it makes a difference but it's freaking freezing here in PA (like 20 degrees and snow on the ground), so maybe putting her in the warm garage and warming her up will do the trick?
Yes...I'd keep her warm especially after putting her in water, even though you thoroughly dried her off. The idea is to keep her innards expanded by the warmth of the water to help pass the egg along. Putting her back out in the cold would be counterproductive IMO. Keep an eye on her and it might help if you occasionally massage her underside. Good luck.
Well, I gave her another warm bath and lubed her vent - still can't feel anything stuck. I masaged her around the vent, nothing. She just constantly strains and grunts like she's trying to poop. I am not sure what else to do for her?
Well, in her struggles, some white pastey poo is coming out and so is some bloody poo, so I am thinking she's constipated because something is blocked... She is pretty continuously pushing and trying to lay.

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