Should I keep a Muscovy drake?


Mar 23, 2018
Hello all,
So I have 6 muscovy ducklings, almost 6 weeks old, that I am "rehabilitating" for a few weeks until my mother in law returns them to their pond. I am planning on keeping 2 of them, but have never had muscovy ducks before. I know they get big, but I don't know how they behave. I have 2 normal sized ducks and a tufted roman goose, all three are females. I'm considering keeping a male and a female muscovy and then I can sell their ducklings. But I am concerned that he might hurt them if he tries to mate with them or the goose (or the chickens!). A couple years ago I had to rehome a blue runner drake b/c he kept trying to mate with one of my bantams and I was afraid he'd hurt her. Anyways, any thoughts on keeping a male muscovy with the ducks and chickens? Or should I just keep two females?
I've kept muscovy right along with chickens. I didn't have any problems with my original 4 drakes. My last one I got at a swap and he started to harass my chickens so we culled him. I think it depends on the individual personality. I might suggest keeping 2 females and a male in case you need to send the male on his way. In my experiences muscovy drakes are mostly well behaved, and are too slow to be real damaging.
I’ve never had a problem with my chickens or other breed of ducks and my Muscovy drake if you give your drake enough female Muscovy he most likely won’t mess with any one but them only bird my drake doesn’t like is my gander. He never ever notices the Runners Buffs or chickens except to pull tail feathers if they get in his space my drake has 4 female scovy in his harem

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