Should I lance it, Update: I still have 2 legs....LOL


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A couple of months ago one of my roosters lost his brain and flogged me in my calf, after smacking his head between the 2 plastic feed scoops I happen to be carrying, he has regained his common sense and not tried it again. I cleaned the wound, put antibiotic ointment on it and it appeared to heal. Now, all of a sudden, I have a hard spot around the area and it is red. Nothing has festered. I considered lancing it, or taking a syringe and needle and sticking in it to see if I can drain it. I can also put a drawing salve on it, but would prefer a less messy option. I really hate going to the doctor, besides the fact that our co-payment has gone up considerably. Any suggestions.
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If thats a ball of infection in there... you need a doctor and meds young lady!


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I'm guessing you have some anaerobic bacteria festering in there. Not a do-it-yourself type project. I would be more likely to tell you to set your own broken arm than tell you to try treating that yourself. GO! My friend got hit between the knuckles on one hand by a roo spur, almost lost her finger and had a $10k hospital bill, and didn't even get to sleep in a fancy bed with buttons that made the head go up and down. GO!

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Since I have no health insurance, no job, and don't qualify for medical assistance of any kind (been denied by Social Services), I am my own doctor. I do what I have to do. Having been a Vet Tech for 10 years helps. I would try the needle first, try to draw out any fluid/pus/blood. If nothing comes out it may be a hard cottage cheese-like pus. Then I would lance it and squeeze to see what comes out (or won't come out). Make sure you sterilize the area first (betadine then alcohol). Also use sterile instruments. If it is a hard ball of cheesy pus that won't come out, or anything else, then go to the E.R. and get it checked out. JMO, not Gospel.


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If your co-pay is high, I would highly suggest NOT going to the ER. Go to a primary care physician if you can, or a walk-in clinic as a last resort. You can also try a clinic which has a sliding-scale based on income. That should probably be affordable.


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I'm going to be the unpopular opinion on this one.

I'd wait. I routinely have staph infections under my arms and other areas. If I went to the doctor each time, I would have no money at all. I lance them all and drain the pus. It's gross, it's disgusting, but the relief is ridiculous when you succeed. I apply hot/warm compresses to bring the infection to a head, then poke with a sharp needle. This creates an outlet for you to "push" the grossness out from.

I don't recommend doing it if you are squeamish. In my case, antibiotics will no longer work, the doctor may be able to prescribe medication that works for your infection.

NOW, if you have a Wal-Mart that happens to have a doctor's clinic in it, I HIGHLY suggest going there for this type of thing. They are trained to deal with "minor cuts, abrasions, scrapes, ear, nose, throat, colds, flu" etc. The pay is $65 w/o insurance and depending on if they do any bloodwork (not likely, more like an ELISA test). Then ask for the cheapest medicine available for your condition. They try and work with you.


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Sounds like a staph cure MIL believes in a Petro-Carbo salve from Watkins...gets rid of it rather quickly...

Whatever you do...I'd recommend to not "pop" it. Whatever oozes from it...if in fact it is staph...(bloody puss) can actually cause you to get another one.. Very painful, btw....


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Apr 29, 2007
I am also unemployed, have insurance through DH, but they raised the co-pay and also we have to meet a deductible before it picks up, since we are never sick we never meet the deductible, so might as well not have insurance. I like the way you think. I have betadine, alchohol , needles and an exacto knife. I need to see if our ER is still working the same, where we pay nothing.

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