Should I Let My Cockerel Have Access to Everyone, or Just...

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10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
Alconbury, England
So, this is several months down the road, but it affects how I need to set my coop and run area up right now.

I plan to breed seramas. Ideally I will have three or four serama hens and one cockerel. I have a separate coop and run set up for them currently.

Additionally, I will have about 15 other hens, kept in another run and coop.

Trouble is, I want to start using our shed to let them sleep and lay. And my seramas need the shed as well, because they cannot tolerate colder temperatures in the wintertime.

So, my question is this: Will putting my serama cockerel in with ALL of these hens... how shall I put this... DILUTE his seed? I only plan to breed the seramas. Should I keep just the seramas separate so only they can breed, or is it ok to mix everyone together and let the rooster do whatever he wants?

Hope this makes sense!

Letting him breed "different breed" hens will not make any difference whatsoever. Giving him an overly large number of hens, however, *can* decrease fertility as he may have less time and energy to spend with each of the girls individually so to speak, and also he may develop favorites that are not of the breed you desire fertile eggs from. For most breeds of chickens, 15 would be kind of a lot of hens for one roo to serve, but not to the point of total outrageousness.

You're sure the big hens won't *bully* the seramas (either gender) if they are all together, though?

Good luck, have fun,

Right now I have 12 chicks in the brooder, three of them being seramas. I think as these ones grow up, they will be ok together. However, I have a half dozen more already outside. Those ones I may have reason to worry about.

Numbers do not add up, but that is because I have not yet gotten rid of my roosters. I KNOW I have them, but they are (wisely) keeping their beaks shut.


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