Should I let them out to free range?


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Feb 28, 2011
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I bought a starter flock which consists of 4 hens and a roster. These are beautiful Buckeyes! I've had them in their coop since Sunday and am wondering when I should let them out to free range. The lady I bought them from said they need to learn where to sleep, so I'm thinking a week should be long enough. Any input would be helpful.

A week should be long enough for them to know their new coop as home.

You can start out by letting them out just a few hours before dusk. As they prove to you each evening that they know their coop is home by returning to it on their own, you can start letting them out an hour or so earlier each day. If they don't return to it on their own, you may need to lock them in awhile longer.

Be sure there's plenty of cover for them to run to in case they sense a predator, especially an aerial one.
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Sounds good. This weekend I'll let them out in the late afternoon. I'm worried I won't be able to get them back in the coop. Hopefully their instincts kick in and I don't have to chase them around.

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