Should I let them stay in their coop during the day if they want?


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8 Years
May 27, 2011
Our chickens are about 6-7 weeks old now and we started leaving them outside overnight on Monday with a heat lamp in the coop at night. The weather was bad yesterday- very windy and rainy- so they went back inside the coop during bad parts of the day to get out of the weather. Today is nice again- sunny, dry, and warm, but they keep going back inside. I know they aren't cold, I think they are just a bit scared after that weather yesterday and feel more comfortable/ safer inside. I'm just wondering if I should close the coop during the day when the weather is nice so they can't go back in to teach them where they are supposed to be or is it OK if they want to stay inside?
I'd let them do what they want. IMO it takes them a little while to get used to their surroundings. Going back and forth from inside to outside is perfectly normal behavior.
Let them go in and out as they please during the day and just lock up at night to prevent predators from getting them.

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