Should I manually turn the individual eggs that are not correctly moved by the turner?


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Mar 10, 2015
Hello all, I recently revived and rebuilt an older marsh roll x incubator of my fathers and it has been up and running for about 3 days now. The problem is that the eggs we have in there are of considerably different sizes and even though we picked the grid that accommodates the greatest number every time the turner rolls them over some are not properly rolled. My wife and I peek at them throughout the day when possible and the ones that slide instead of roll we have been moving them manually. We have asked the question though are we doing more harm then good by opening the lid a couple three times per day?
1. We only have the lid open for up to a minute maximum
2. This thing holds a extremely stable temp and because there are soo many eggs with so much thermal mass in there it is only taking about another minute for it to get back up to temp when we put the lid back on.
3. The humidity gets back on track fast as well.

Keep moving the few manually or leave it alone? Thanks for any help as this is our first adventure with eggs since I was a young child!
Keep turning them. Plenty of people manually turn and thus open the incubator multiple times a day. Conversely, I've had my turner break and not turn eggs past maybe day 4 or 5 and still hatched normal healthy chicks.
I would hand turn the ones that are not getting turned efficiently. I prefer hand turning to auto turning and I hand turn my eggs 5 x day with excellent results!

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