Should I NOT give oatmeal or yogurt while giving antibiotics?

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  1. tdgill

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    I came across some info on meds and read that you should stay away from iron, dairy and other things when taking antibiotics (tetracyclines). I was pampering my hen in quarantine with some oatmeal....container says Iron 10%. Also, have been giving yogurt while she's on the antibiotics. sigh.
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    Calcium taken WITH antibiotics will inhibit their absorbtion in the gut. With chickens they have free access to the medication since its generally in their water- just feed her some yogurt one time a day and dont stress it.

    I ALWAYS give yogurt with antibiotics- otherwise their guts will be without flora when the antibiotics end.

    Iron has the same effect- but again only while its in the gut, chickens poop stuff out pretty fast.
  3. tdgill

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    isn't giving yogurt to them AFTER the course of antibiotics just as good if not wiser?

    appreciate your kindness and telling me not to stress over it. lord knows
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    Yogurt afterwards is good, for any animal, including us. People are instructed not to drink milk or use antacids for one hour after or two hours before a dose of a tetracycline, if memory serves. Inhibits or blocks the antibiotic, if I remember correctly. Might be safe to give yogurt once a day during the course of treatment; they will still have antibiotics in their system most of the 24 hours. Though I wonder if the antibiotic doesn't just kill the useful bacteria in the yogurt as well.

    So, for sure afterwards, and your choice during the treatment.
  5. tdgill

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    thanks also.

    just want this to work as best as possible. thinking that with the iron content of oatmeal AND the yogurt, maybe they weren't absorbing enough meds at all.

    i also read after the fact that duramycin is supposed to be given in divided doses?

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