Should I pinion my Quail?

Haha I don't think you will have any problems with them.. I have never pinioned a quail before. If one gets out, you will have more problems with it's running than it's flying..
I pinioned my bobs, figure to do all the bobs I plan on keeping. My corts just stand there and wait for me to put them back in the pen when they get out. If you want to pinion them, Id hold off till they were about 2 weeks or so old. Little older chick=better able to handle the stress. BTW, its not that traumatic for you or the bird... Bill

For The Record... I leave all the legs on my birds....
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Dam ! Thought I might be on to something .............LOL
I wouldn't... they can run just as fast as fly. Mine never fly away, actually they are kind of friendly if I go out to feed them they all come running to the door and look at me and wait for me to put the food in.
well funny thing is I have bread sack tie banded them .......lmoa....... drunk moment ( bare with me IT WAS BIRTHDAY and i broke my 0/6 hatch streak).

i now know who's who
Lol.. WELL, I guess that IS an option.. keep em from running off on ya..

But really, Coturnix are such a tame, laid back breed, I wouldn't bother pinioning them.. PLus, even with birds like the Bobs, if they really want to get away, they will just outrun you. I think It would be better to leave them their ability to fly, so if they are out on their own, they would be able to fly away from predators that are faster than us humans.
Yes coturnix would never need pinion. I don't pinion any birds.. Myslf I think thats more for migrating birds like wild waterfowl.

Only reason i see why people would pinion quail like bobs , is so that don't break their neck when flying up into top of pens,

Wouldn't think pinion quail if got loose could be caught, but sure would get kill asap.

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