Should I put a weak chick with a broody hen?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by JillsChicks, May 3, 2008.

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    We picked up our spring chicks yesterday and got one little Araucana bantam with the lot. I think my kids may have roughed it up a bit - I don't know, but it's not eating and running around like the others. It sleeps and sleeps, hardly moving if another chick steps on it in the brooder. I put its beak in the water every so often and it drinks, but it doesn't eat... Does it stand a chance? What would happen if I put it in a cage with my broody hen? Might she mother it? Has anyone tried this!?

    I've read posts on giving sugar water, vitamins, etc. Maybe I'll try a water/mash concoction? Ann and Jill
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    If the chick is ill her natural instinct to cull a weaker bird may kick in and she will probably kill it. Chickens don't have human insticts and she won't try to nurse it -how can she? Chickens don't physically provide anything for their babies.

    I wouldn't do it. Do the best you can for the chick. Keep it warm. Put it in a small box in the brooder so the other chicks won't trample it. You can give it 3 - 5 drops of polyvisol. Make sure it is at least drinking.

    If the chick was handled roughly with the tiny bones and soft tissue there could be internal damage. If that is the case and the chick doesn't improve in a day or so you may have to cull it to take it out of its suffering.
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    My mom rescued a near-death chick from a freezing feed store. She was runty and dying... now she's big and healthy! Good luck!

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