Should I return a duclking to a sitting Moma?


6 Years
Jul 22, 2013
I have 2 female anacona ducks. My Hildi has been sitting on a nest for almost 2 months that had a total of 21 eggs between the 2 of them. Because of whatever reasons, they don't get close to hatching before something happens and my Daisi just keeps adding and running off. Hildi sits. We finally had one internal pip and one close. The internal pip quit before it could break the shell. I heard the other faint and thought it too may run out of air so I scratched a small hole in the air cell so it could at least breath a while longer. When I finally coaxed Hildi off 2 days later, the 2nd egg was full of ants but no progress. When I pulled it out of the nest, I noticed it was still alive and rushed the shell back to free some of it from the ants. It has been in the bator for around 40 hours and finally yolk is absorbed. I put the other 2 good eggs in the bator and moved the non fertile to spray for the ants. Needless to say, Hildi was ******!! I put the bad eggs back but she didn't care. Now, 2 days later, she back on the nest. Now, for the question: Is it possible/safe to sneak her the baby after it has hatched?


Bama Biddy
11 Years
Mar 31, 2010
Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
It often works with chickens, but I don't know about ducks. I think it would be worth a try, though. Make sure you do it at night and check on them first thing in the morning. Try to keep the ducklings from imprinting on you or any other moving object beforehand so that they will "mind" their momma!

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