Should I worry about this rooster behavior?


9 Years
May 3, 2010
Northern Virginia
We have a 22 week old SLW roo. He's our first roo and so far seems to be OK with the hens. He does two things around my DH and I that I am concerned might be a sign of future aggression.

He lets out a warning cry to the hens every single time my DH or I enter their pen or the yard when they are out.

He also will stand a ways off from me and rises up and flap his wings. He's never side stepped me (he won't get close) but he will crow his head off a lot when I'm around.

Tonight I wanted to check on one of 'his girls' (he has about 6 pullets that are glued to his side all the time). When I picked her up off the roost he jumped down, stood in the middle of their pen and just yelled at me the entire time I was holding her. I decided not to put her down until he gave up and quieted down.

He seems good with the hens (watches out for them, not too aggressive about mating) but if he is going to be trouble I will have no problem getting rid of him. We both work full-time away from the home so my time spent with him to fix any behavior issues is extremely limited.

So, should I be concerned?
It's definitely something to be wary of, and it's good that you know that you should be watchful. Keep doing what you're doing, and see what he does. As long as he is respectful of your space, you don't have a problem...
i think he sounds like a good roo, doing his job, he isnt attacking you,m so thats good!
we had a roo who was even mean to hens, he would jump in front of or on top of the food and run the hens off. he chased peoplw all over the yard, he also attacked my 5 yearold 2 x in about 10 min just for being in the yard. he was gone within an hour after that! now thats agressive!
ps. we couldnt even really do much in the way of eating him because he was a skinny little polish. useless bird!
I would watch him. My biggest favorite roo went at my grandson for no reason and was dead instantly from a kick that was intended to kill him. I don't tolerate an agressive rooster ever, and I won't pass my problem to somebody else.
..there is no way that i could have given that bird to another family in good conscience! if they go after a kid,( or an adult) thats it!
so if you really think hes being nasty, put him in your crock pot.
The only time my roo crows is in the morning when he runs out of the coop and everytime someone goes to the chicken yard. He is saying "this is my family and Im just letting you know that". Your roo is a good fellow.

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