Should isolated chicks with possible Mareks be put down?

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  1. I have never had a case of Mareks in my flocks but recently had two 4-6 week old chicks in the same brooder exhibit possible Mareks about 2 weeks apart. If this contuinues and it turns out to be Mareks and there are surviving chicks they will be carriers. Should these surviving chicks be put down instead of being put into their prospective flocks so as not to expose other birds? I realize it stays alive for years and is in dirt and chicken dander but since I have not had it before and these chicks are isolated right now can I help prevent it further by not introducing those chicks to my very expensive breeding flocks?

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    Not sure my opinion is completely right, but from what I understand Mareks is everywhere. I had a 13 week old vaccinated pullet die of Mareks. Seems that the vaccination isn't 100% effective. I will always have vaccinated chicks/pullets.
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    It may be lack of vitamin E or B. I thougth mine had mareks because they acted drunk but they were in much need of vitamins. Dont put them down unless you know they have it.
  4. I just put vitamins in their water and some wormer in case that may be the problem. I read that places with no previous occurence of Mareks can have the acute type of it and it will affect chicks at 4-6 weeks. But this does not seem acute to me. Only two chicks in two weeks time. I know mareks is everywhere but it seems when people talk of an outbreak it devastates half their flock. I have had chickens on this property for 15 years and never had Mareks. If it's everywhere and I have not been vaccinating for it wouldn't it be more prevalant? I mostly purchase hatching eggs and hatch from my own and do not show my birds. I did however about 3 weeks ago buy some chicks from a private breeder and they are in this brooder. Theirs was the first to get sick and I called and told him the symptoms but he did not recognise them and had no sick birds. I have been working with them for a while and I trust what they say. Anyway, really need to move these chicks to a bigger area and put some younger ones in this brooder but am afraid to expose the younger to this area or move the older ones to infect a new area. I guess it's just a waiting game. They do not exhibit the one leg forward and one back. The paralysis is them rocking back equally on both legs and flapping their wings to try and right themselves. And as a result cannot eat or drink.

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