Should rooster have his own indoor roost area?

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Feb 15, 2010
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I saw in a couple of coop pictures where the rooster is locked separately in the coop. Would be it beneficial to design my coop with a separate area to lock the rooster up? I'm thinking about the days when i would have to lock everyone inside....if he didn't have a separate pen he could be a real pain to the ladies. I could set it up so that his roost is higher than the ladies and right next to theirs. What do you think and is anyone else doing it this way?
Can't comment on having him separate (yet), but I can confirm that in the smaller area of the coop, my Rooster DEFINITELY has a better shot at harassing the ladies than in the run. I worry when mine are on lockdown for any reason. My new run is going to have tiny little house built for him (or for housing injuries/broodies/etc).

If you have the resources and expect to have to have them on lockdown, I'd do it.
I have never seperated my roosters from their ladies. I have some small coops, larger coops and I have a flock that shares the barn with our horses and goats. The boys are always with the girls. I have not had any issues with the roos being too aggressive.
My rooster is with my hens at all times. IMO, that's where he belongs. Can't exactly protect them if he's somewhere else.
Then again, my chickens are never locked up for the day. They are out no matter the weather and only locked in the coop at night for their safety.

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