Should there be any smell?..

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    Apr 13, 2009
    Hey we are at day 5..things are going well...candled last night and have 9 ou of 11 eggs with veins!!...Hoping that is good....

    My question is...when I open the bator, self turning, I notice an ordor...its not terrible bad but its there...Is there a normal smell, with the moisture and the heat I would think so but when does it cross the line?..None of the eggs look bad and of course I would want to get rid of the "bad egg" if that's the case....

    Thanks again!!....

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    yeah, there is a normal egg incubating smell as there is a constant exchange of air and liquids through the shell and membrane.

    If you had a rotten one, you'd know it.

    All that said, I wish I had carefully washed a bit of the poo from the duck eggs in the bator.
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    Apr 30, 2008
    Quote:I had a rotten one, and it took a few days for me to figure it out. It was like you said, an odor, but not terribly bad. It certainly didn't smell like a rotten egg. It just smelled kind of.....barn-like. But the smell got worse and worse and I was eventually able to pinpoint which egg by smelling them all. So in answer to your question, I would not say 'no' there isn't really a noticeable normal odor. If you notice something significant, I'd guess you've got a bad egg in the mix.
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    I have this happen with quail eggs...which are nearly impossible to candle so you don't know theyre bad until the stink or explode!

    Carefully pick up and sniff the eggs you know to be "good"...then sniff the remainders. Your nose will KNOW the difference.

    Good eggs do have a a lwn after the rain, or like aforet in the middle of fall when the leaves start to rot....not bad, but not something they will make a candle out of. Ever.

    The bad eggs can go so far as to make you retch, depending on just how bad they are.

    Good luck!

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