Should we add more ducks to the flock?


Sep 1, 2018
Hi! I recently sold half my flock of ducks because we had 2 drakes that were getting too aggressive. we sold each male with one female, and we are left with 2 females (Wonton and Campbell) and one lame male (Pip). Pip was injured, and his leg healed sideways, but despite his disability, he can move pretty fast and uses his foot like a little paddle. He is not in any pain, but he is unable to breed with my 2 females. We were thinking of adding more ducks to the flock so the females can have another male, and possibly add more females as well to help the balance of power if we are to have another male. Will Pip and another male get along? I'm scared that because of his leg, he won't be able to fight back and show dominance. All the hatcheries near us sell straight run ducklings, and I don't want to end up with an overload of males. any advice?
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