Should we use a red light at night?


Oct 19, 2010
California Central Coast
I've been trying to figure out how the chicks know when they're supposed to be sleeping? Should we use a white light during the day and a red light at night? Is it ok to use a white light all the time? They'll get some sunlight through the window so there will be "less" light at night, but still they'll have a big light hanging over them. Does it matter?
I don't think it really matters since they get the natural lighting through the window anyway.
My chicks are under red light day/night.
When the sun goes down, there's no more light coming in through the window and the room gets darker.
When I walk into the chick room and turn on the light, they wake up.
They tend to sleep whenever they want day or night.

I originally bought the red bulb but switched to a heat emitter thingy after reading on this forum.
The heat emitter will provide heat without introducing light. Day time light will come in from window and night time will be dark.
I was not convinced until I switched to the heat emitter, chicks are happier.
The heat emitter bulb will fit on standard heat lamp using the red bulb, BUT, the reach is shorter so I will have to lower it significantly.
Good luck.
Mine are under a red light and they seem to be quite content. I don't think at such a young age that it really matters regarding the natural light because as another poster mentioned, they sleep quite a bit anyways being babies.

I'm a big fan of the red light.


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