show a bird you breed or bought??


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This topic came up on another one of my posts and got me thinking.. Do most people in the poultry world show birds they have breed or birds they have bought?
As we are new, we plan to let the kids show some of the beautiful birds I will be getting from some of the breeders here on BYC.
We really cant hatch or breed brids untill I know more about it and have the right set up. So what is the general rule? I hope that if we show up with our birds my kids wont feel like they have done something wrong?




So much fun to win with a bird you raised yourself. Becarefull where you get your start from. If you are going to show your birds under a judge make sure they are standard breed birds that are breed to a ideal as best as the breeder can do. Chickens from the feed store are only good for the meat catagory class.
My first birds I bought where hatchery birds ,but they where next to the Heritage true to life birds and I was smart enough to relize I needed to move up to the better birds. I did and I have never had nothing but true to life Poultry since. I was 12 years old at that time. bob
I only show birds I raised. If you show birds you bought, You should use the breeders name. Most of the guys that I show against buy a bunch of other breeders birds just before show season then take credit for the breeding. There's nothing wrong with showing some one else's birds. It takes a breeder years to breed quality stock. I think giving the breeder credit is the rite thing to do.
These are my show birds. I seldom even sell eggs from them.
As much as I wish I could breed my own birds, I'm planning to leave for college within the next few years and my parents don't want 40+ chickens running amuck. I've always been sorely tempted to breed my own but it just isn't an option for me. So, I'm doing the next best thing and am showing the birds I have purchased. I'm not very proud of that, but it is this or nothing. And I'm more in-depth with Showmanship than anything else, so it's mostly me that's being judged.

That being said, when or if I get a compliment on one of my birds, I never really take it to heart, because I don't truly think of it as 'my' bird, only one that I own.

Good luck.
Nothing wrong with buying and showing, especially if you don't have the means to breed. It takes a lot of time to breed a top bird, but it also takes a lot of time and research to find a decent animal at a reasonable price. I'll show my purchased birds once or twice to get an idea of how they measure up, but I also enjoy seeing their offspring do better than them! If I had one that I knew would win every time, I'd leave it home and move on to bigger challenges.
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I don't show, but if I did it would be birds that I had bred. I don't think a win would mean as much with a bird that I had bought from someone else. If you do show with ones you've bought from someone else be sure and give them credit.
I only show animals that I have bred. I don't even post pictures of animals I have bought. Any one with enough money can buy winners but the real trick is to breed them. What satisfaction is there with someone's else's effort and none of your own.
What if one doesn't have a lot of money, though? I think it is just as satisfying to win with a bird from a random flea market, or one I hatched from Ebay eggs. There's a "secret satisfaction" in not spending a lot of money, and still holding one's own at a show. And even if you intend to breed, why not get your feet wet by showing what you have, networking, and learning while you get started?
I have shown birds I have bought and raised. If I show a bird that I have bought (not from my own breedings) and someone compliments me on it, I say that I wouldn't have the bird if the breeder hadn't graciously allowed me to purchase from them. Everyone has to start out somewhere.

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