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    Pliny, West Virgina
    A short story from Sparrow Ministries ( )

    One evening about 2 weeks ago I loaded up my truck with about 20 doz eggs and I drove off blindly seeking the Lords guidance on where I should offer them. Before long I found myself in George’s driveway. Although George lives less than 5 miles from me, I don’t remember ever traveling this particular road before.

    To get a feel for what George is like I will first explain his property and living conditions. At first I assumed he only had livestock on the local property and lived elsewhere but later found out he lived there also. As you come near to his property you first see a small 8’ x 8’ pin he has built to house his donkey. As you turn the curve you can see several other structures that have been quickly erected for his cattle (maybe 4 or 5). As you pull up in the drive way you can see one large barred rock hen in a small 3’ x 3’ pin in front of the barn wall. Then finally you can see the large concrete pad (appox 10’ X 25’) that he had made for his dogs. The dogs have a nice chain-link fence that travels the entire distance of the concrete pad and they have a shelter built at one end. Then if you look closely between the dogs pin and the barn you can see the edge of a very small, older camper. There is a small 8’ x 8’ workshop built on the front that has a window air conditioner hanging out the side. Being there had been a lot of dozer work done on that property he had paths made with various crates, boards and miscellaneous anything he could find to allow him to walk to and from each structure to the other without stepping in mud.

    Now I believe George to be maybe… 68 yrs old or so and had a hard life. I think he was feeding livestock when I pulled up in his driveway. He is certainly a very unique individual, for sure, but to look at this man you might get the impression he was homeless. Please don’t take me wrong as I don’t mean that in a demeaning way but he was dressed in his dirty “work clothes”, unshaved with uncombed hair. I also notice his left arm was obviously crippled. George walked with a limp as he slowly walked toward me and I jumped out of my truck to meet him. With a firm hand shake I told him I had some extra fresh eggs and I wondered if could use some. He greeted me kindly and accepted the egg with joy as he limped over to a small 2 seat swing that set in the middle of his yard. He told me to have a seat so I walked out across the boards to his swing and sat down beside him. At that point we began to talk. George began by asking me where I lived and we began to share a little about ourselves. I learned that he had recently had 3 strokes and was not in the best of health but that was pretty obvious even with out him saying so. He made it clear that he was not going to stay down for long and hoped to build a house there some day. Although George has health issues he seemed to be happy in his camper and satisfied with his surroundings. We sit and talked for a while and them I helped him move some lumber and bid him good bye. I’m guessing that Georges animals had more than double the square footage living quarters than he himself lived in. This guy has a great love for animals. He enjoys raising them and in that… I can relate.

    Yesterday I went back and seen him as I made my rounds quickly before church. I didn’t have much time but I found George dressed in his “work clothes”, bare footed in his workshop very content. He was of course happy to accept the eggs. I hope to spend some more time with him in the future and see how I might be able to help him in other ways. Now I know that these eggs are of any serious value BUT they are acts of kindness that people appreciate. Taking these eggs out and delivering them in Mason County WV has gave me so many opportunities that I would have never otherwise had. All I can say is the Lord knows what he is doing and it would be wise for us to do it… no matter how foolish it seems sometimes. My goal was to do something nice for George but as it seems… George has been a much better blessing to me. To think I may have never met George except that the Lord lead me to his house late one evening few weeks ago. I am thankful for Jesus and thankful for the opportunities of Sparrow Ministries.

    God Bless,

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    I always tell my kids (21 y/o and 19 y/o) smile no matter how grumpy someone looks, just smile and nod at them. You'll be surprised at how many will smile back. Something that simple can make all the difference in the world. Your story is great, could you please keep us updated on George, he sounds like a lovely person and so so you.
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    Feb 23, 2010
    Mike, I bet most people have no ideal where Pliny, West Virginia is.
    Now me...I'm right close to you, over near Gallipolis.

    I too give away eggs to whoever needs them. No cost, ever. Like you,
    we'll even deliver.

    There's a lot of "George's" out there folks. Right in your own neighborhood.

    Mike, I hope your story can inspire someone else to pack up a couple dozen eggs
    to give away.
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    That is inspiring, Mike. I have a dozen cartons of eggs sitting in my frig right now. I thought of dumping them off at the food bank, but taking them to neighbors would be so much better to bless them (and me). Now to find the time. [​IMG]
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    Apr 17, 2010
    I like to give my neighbors any extra's that we get. So far,with our son,mil,2 close friends and ourselves we still have some left over.
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    Pliny, West Virgina
    We have accumulated about 20 doz eggs and hope to see George again tomorrow evening during our regular deliveries [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2009
    What a nice experience!

    I just took my one elderly neighbors some eggs and strawberries.Then they spent a bit of time telling me what life was like on our busy road for the past 50 years.Was neat to hear about our house being built.

    Later I was getting some pizza for my ds,and the elderly lady that works there was in,so I suprised her with some eggs. My last dozen but that's ok since I get 2-3 eggs a day.
    I love suprising people with eggs. Did that a few weeks ago with the librarian. I have been watching a neighbor,single lady, who has dug a garden and put up a cloths line.My type of person! I will be giving her my next dozen.

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