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Jun 27, 2019
Hello, I just want to share my beautiful cayuga who took home show champion, best of breed, 1st place and waterfowl champion at a nearby fair. I have been breeding Cayuga for 3 years. I breed them to the SOP!! Now my buddy here needs a girlfriend so if anyone in the upstate NY area has any ladies for my buddy please message me thank you


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I am near Syracuse NY
I think there are some duck farms around the finger lakes still where the Cayugas originated, maybe try those?
My girls aren't laying yet, but I might be able to meet you halfway in a few months if you can't find anyone closer..
What a handsome fellow! I have my first ducks ever this year and one is a Cayuga. I'm a little too far to arrange a date, though, and she's a hatchery bird so probably not what you'd be looking for. I hope you keep us updated on his adventures!

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