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I have only had geese that lived on my Dad's 18 acre pond back in Georgia. I am at a quandry as to how to raise them with a good quialty of life as table birds for our family. I do plan to keep at least 1 gander and up to 4 hens over the winter for egg production each spring but anything above that is for our family table. Christmas goose is on the menu.

Along with hatching eggs I am hatching ideas to convert half of my garden house into a nesting house for these geese I am hatching.

The plan is to install a pop door in the back wall that opens into a fenced yard for them. The front has dutch style doors that I can open and close and I can go in and out of to clean the interior. It has a concrete floor which I could cover with bedding or build up an area for bedding and the floor uncovered to aide in the ease of cleaning in the summer. It seems it would be easier in hot months to hose it out and use a deep litter bedding method for the late fall and winter. The house is 16x8 and they would have an 8x8 portion of the garden house.

On the outside that is closest to the wooded area separating our property from the road frontage we have in place a 5 foot welded wire fence that was installed long before we bought this place and is grown over with honey suckle vines the size of a childs arm. For added protection I am planning to use privacy fence panels installed along that side just to suit my own peace of mind. I am wondering if the rest of the fencing done in welded wire is protection enough (we have seen no other predators than a possum, a racoon and a groundhog that doesn't eat meat) without needing a covered run. Or would it be better to build the fortress with a covered run?

16 x 24 (384 square feet) area would give them plenty of yardage to be outside. They will also be able to free range in the area behind their yard because this is where we plant corn. I am told geese are good at weeding and debugging corn feilds - yes?

Please show me photos of how you house your geese. I need to figure this out before I have geese in my house big enough to roast for dinner and still not outside in a goose yard!
Hi Miss Prissy,

I am expecting my first geese to arrive this week and am in the process of making pens in the barn myself. We have a 600 sq foot barn with a 12x6 coop from days gone by and 2 pens previously used for dogs I believe. I have opten not to use the coop as it has large hole under the barn boards where foxes or dogs or coyotes (who knows what) got in plus it looks dirty. I use it as hay and tool storage now.

The other dog pens have been cleaned up and I will use those. They are approximately 6X6 each. I added one more pen yesterday and will build 3 more today - yesterday's and one today are both 6X6, one will be for young birds at 6X4, and a larger "community" goose enclosure at about 10X6.

Our back yard is divided, one side for farm animals and one side for dogs. They each get a little over an acre so the geese and ducks can free range during the day. I am setting up the pens for next year's breeding plans.

We don't get many predators, possibly hawks and owls, but we have a livestock guardian dog as well as two donkeys. When we moved in there was a fox living in our barn and a skunk in the lilac bush, neither have been seen for over a year! (We have 5 dogs all together) At any rate, I don't feel the need for putting a top on any of the barn pens (Except young birds), even with leaving the barn door open all night for the donkeys. I figure pretty much everything around us knows better than to come on the property uninvited, humans and predators alike.

Hopefully I can get the runs attached to the barn soon, but I need help with that. I can screw a pen together, but I'm not all that interested in fencing the yard up by myself!
When that is complete, all pens (except the smaller juvenille bird pen) will have at least 100 sq ft fenced run, the geese will have 300 - but that is the "overflow" pen, so it needs to be bigger.

I hope to complete the pens today and I'll put up some pics tonight for us to compare.

Good luck!

My geese live in the coop with my chickens. THey never want to go inside though!

Eventually I would like to build a basic pen with a large dog house type structure. I only have two geese, but I would like to get more this spring. They are just the funniest birds!
My geese live OUTSIDE the chicken coop and free range. Both my ducks and geese prefer to be outside, even in the most extreme weather. They do need shelter from the wind and sun, but other than that, they don't mind the rain or cold. In the coldest winter when I give them fresh water, they will splash and play and their feathers will get coated with icicles. Then they just preen themselves and wait for the next bath!

The only thing I worry about is them getting too hot. They spend the heat of the day under an old truck parked in our yard, because it is nice and cool under there. Even the heat of the day when it is below zero!! Talk about hardy birds!

As soon as I get a chance I will post pics. My geese, ducks, and chickens all free range when I am home but at night (& when not home) they all go in the same pen but the chickens have the hen house and the ducks & geese have what I call "the duck den" which is a house built with hadock blocks & metal roof. Hopefully tomorrow night I will post pics for you. My hen house and duck den are just plain ole plain housing but its what we had and so far it works. I almost forgot to add that like the others have said mine don't want to go in the houses very often.
Ok here are some before and after pics - all together there are 6 pens - 2 that were there before and have chain link gates, and 4 that I built with particle board gates. The first three pics are before - sorry for the blurry pics - it was very dusty in there!

The smallest pen is 4x6 and I plan on having ducklings/goslings in that one. The largest is 12x6 and I plan on having production quality geese in that one. The other 4 are 6x6 and I plan on using three to keep my runner ducks seperate during breeding season to keep the colors straight. The last one is my "overflow" right now - but next year I plan on getting a couple pairs of American Blue geese to breed.









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Her name is Paris and her friend is Nicole - all the little girls in the neighborhood love them to death - they're very popular! You can see our LGD in the one picture - his name is Brody.



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