Show me inside and outside of your homemade coops

Mar 15, 2018
SE Wisconsin
Here's mine, houses 4 bantam pullets in the city. The large roo inside the run in the first picture is a metal yard decoration, lol. That picture was taken just after it was built, before I had my chickens.




The poop board is off center because they all roost at that end every night. My cochin closest to the window. She likes to look out the window as it gets dark. There's a thermometer/hygrometer on the wall and the ribbon was to watch if there were any drafts in it. I ended up hanging a heavy piece of cloth about a foot in front of the ventilation area. The ventilation area runs the width of the coop at roof height. The fabric stops the draft that occurred with a south wind. The inclined roof would catch all the breeze and funnel it right into the coop.


Dec 13, 2018
Port of Los Angeles, CA
i put this in homemade because we macgyvered everything- even changed up the prefab. I’m in an industrial area and our marine engine business has a back lot. I took over 90x90 years ago for my agility training yard. I had a chicken show up
In a tree so now I’m into my chickens. I have limited space now because I have to leave room for customer boats can’t block the doors to a storage container, etc. I had to work around a major gate opening and a big storage shipping container. Of course I didn’t know about chicken math when I built lucky Clucky her coop and got her a friend. That coop was a prefab and it’s perfect for them. Then someome brought me a chick. My friend has been brooding / whelping it for me. That chick got a wooden doghouse retro fitted to a 2-3 bird coop. Then today my friend and I macgyvered up a much larger coop out of a bunch of left over coop parts a friend gave me as I have some Cochins and Wyandotte’s coming sunday. My coop situation is a little village of individual buildings with enclosed chicken runs linking them. Pics from top- the doghouse coop - yep there’s a ladder for it and it has 2 nesting boxes inside and a cubby to nap in underneath. Pic 2 some of the coop parts I was gifted yesterday. The coop in progress. 2 story the bottom is a sand bath area and has multiple roosts and 4 egg boxes I can get to by opening roof. Everything still in progress but is fully fenced w a roof and is preditor safe. Last pic one of the runs. I have a gate in the run to divide up into 3 different secure areas. I plan to have bantams in their coop have a short run and having gate at start of container closed do big birds get the extra long run. It’s all paved w pavers due to very questionable soil- there was an oil rig on the property in the 50s. New straw and sod coming In on Monday after the rainstorms. So the compound is for 2 bantams 1 chick 2 Cochins and 1 or 2 Wyandotte’s ( we will see what I get on Sunday) I don’t plan on expanding- but you never know


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Nov 20, 2015
Snohomish County, Washington State
My Coop
My Coop
I guess I don't have a really good set of photos that show my overall setup. Just a bunch of random photos of different parts. My coop is built under a second story deck on my house. Just framed in the deck with hardware cloth and put up some wind blocking via roofing panels mounted within some of the hardware cloth.

Auto chicken pop door, roosts, poop board, ramp, big communal nest box, etc....

Some photos from before I converted this from quail to chickens. So these are before the auto-door was put in, before the roofing panels for wind break, apparently before I built a human sized staircase from the deck down to the backyard, etc...



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Aug 13, 2018
Williston, North Dakota
Converted a shed. Installed two windows. Painted a water proof layer in the floor and up the walls a couple of feet (I use the deep litter method in the winter). Installed a few nesting boxes for now, but this spring I am going to have 6 nesting boxes that are exterior to the coop to take up less floor space and eggs can be grabbed without having to go inside. I just cut a hole for a door now, I don't have a predator problem in my area. I will eventually get an auto coop door, but those are $$$. I cut a couple of vent holes in the upper parts of the shed. I will do some more modifications this spring/summer. I just needed to get it livable by the time the temps here (North Dakota) went down below zero.


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