Show me your egg yolks

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    Aug 22, 2014
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    Egg yolks comes in sooo many shades from pale yellow to dark orange. Love to see your chicks eggyolks so pleeease post PICS!!:) also please include breed and what you feed them.

    Mine lay these orange rich yolks, buff Orpington's & eat grass, veggies, dirt, bugs, eggshells & seeds & bugs.
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    Aug 18, 2014
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    I only have ducks, still want to see my yokes?
    All Pekin girls, just started laying at the end of August at 6 months! We give them non GMO layers feed with nutritional yeast and oats on top. They also free range a fair amount; have eliminated our ant population and are now starting to work on the flies! And they get meal worms and mostly dark leafy greens for treats!

    This was the first egg ever! A monster double Yoker I found in the pool (hence no bloom so we did not eat it):

    Another early double Yoker in the frying pan:

    And here's my first hard boiled, from last week (a bit over cooked IMO):

    Color has been pretty consistent. Mostly a bright golden to pale creamy yellow when cooked. Not nearly as orange as yours. I'm curious if this will change at all as they mature and become more consistent in their laying habits?

    Where are your (big) pics?

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