Show me your stunning Sebrights!

These are my 3 Sebrights 20211011_135732.jpg 20211011_135748.jpg 20211011_135756.jpg
Is she seriously shy or are you being humorous?
Our Sebright (named Trouble for good reason) is anything but shy.
Nope, I am deadly serious. She goes haywire if you try to pick her up. She starts flying everywhere. Once you catch her/corner her she is constantly trying to fly away from you. She never has been real friendly. We got her from TSC. We also got an OEGB when we got her and he is also a bit skitish. I watched your videos and there is NO WAY Nugget would let me get that close to her without having to keep a strong grip. She would also not fly on me willingly.
Trouble doesn't care to be held / restrained. She's not shy, though. As a young pullet she would always run or fly to us for treats..... but run away screaming if we tried to pick her up or even touch her. (Wiggled/squirmed if we held her.) So, we gave positive reinforcement for taking food from us and slowly got her to step on our hand. Her sitting on us is always in her control. She stays in a lap or on a shoulder as long as no one is trying to grab her. Trouble's an odd, little, feisty bird with a surplus of personality. Our other bantams are extreme cuddlers. They relax and melt into your body (even fall asleep) when being held. We have a separate bantam coop for them in the winter when it's cold. Trouble is too intense. She is a top hen among chickens weighing 8-15lbs, so we don't dare allow her to be with little chickens her size. She's also very vocal and it sounds like she's saying chicken swears when she's upset. Trouble is even more vocal when broody.

Once she went broody with our bantam orp and we set up a nice "apartment" for them. Unlike other broody pairs, they refused to share and needed separate nests. Once her eggs hatched, Trouble took her chicks and was out of there! She's a good mama but teaches her chicks how to go under the fences to steal strawberries, dust bath in my herb garden, and visit the neighbors. That why she is now only allowed to incubate jumbo orps or sometimes turkey eggs. (Any type of chick that in a couple weeks will grow too large to continue fitting under the fence.)

IMG_2207 copy.jpg
IMG_2588 copyb.jpg
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