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Jun 10, 2010
Starting a new thread for this, since the old thread has a lot of missing pictures now!

It's spring at last and the peas of the world are busy showing off and looking great! Show us some picture and video love- of your adults, of your yearlings, and your chicks so far! I shall start us off with pictures of my two favorites!

This is Osiris, she is my two year old dark pied:

And here is Blu, my two year old dark pied male:

Your turn!
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They are sooo gorgeous!
Top to bottom,Roadtrip,,BSSP,IB Pen males,Curly,Larry and Moe,,UPS,,Bronze male,Magic,Midnight B/S male,,Opie,Opal B/S male,And last is Wild Thang,,Blue pied male. Didn't take any of the Charcoal or Purple,maybe next trip outside I'll get some
I love your opal and the silver pied in the first pic!! I can't wait for my opal to get in his train next year
Opie (Opal B/S) as he's called here is a sneak-attacker,,,likes to come up from behind me when I'm filling water and feed bowls and peck at my feet,,I think he just wants me to rub his fuzzy butt feathers,,,had to take this pic today of Roadtrip getting his fuzzy butt feathers being groomed by a silver pied b/s hen ,,i think a lot of x-rated shannagins goes on when I'm not there.
Here are some photos I took last month...
Peep, my dark pied yearling's foot next to the very first egg of this year.

Alto my three year old India blue displaying in the pen.

More of Alto displaying:

Damsel my four year old India blue pied relaxing in the sun.

Peep my yearling India blue dark pied ontop of a big log I moved into their pen all by myself for a nice little perch for them. So far this is Peep's favorite perch. I put lots of treats ontop of it so the peafowl can fly up and get some treats. This log also helps the peafowl escape Ice, who is in the bottom of the photo looking at Peep. Ice is my 4 or 5 year old India blue blackshoulder.

Here is my yearling white male (possibly a spalding white still not sure). He flew up on the perch and was surprised to see a squirrel ontop of the log eating the sunflower seeds. The squirrel wouldn't budge so the peacock ended up flying down.

Here is the same white yearling. I can't wait for him to grow in a train!

This is one of Ice's peachicks from last year. I believe this one is Fiona. She is ither split to white or split to pied.
Those are great photos Minx! I'm glad to see that Peep is doing well, and it looks like Alto's throat healed up. I'm surprised your white didn't chase the squirrel off the post! Mine won't stand for anything wild in the pen, and Osiris even tries to chase the ducks away when they are lingering alongside of it XD
Yes I am very happy that Alto's neck healed so well. I can't even tell he was bitten anymore.

Haha I think my whites are scaredy birds! The peahens are the ones that really can't stand squirrels in the pen. The peacocks don't seem to care as much. I care because the squirrels eat up some of the sunflower seeds I feed them and I know they are eating a lot of it because I find the shells everywhere...The peafowl eat the sunflower seeds whole but little birds and squirrels unshell them and then eat it. So I have sunflower shells all over the pen. This weekend we will be getting two feist puppies, and my dad is going to train them to be squirrel dogs so if I ever need the squirrels to go away I can use them eventually. For now I kinda like the squirrels. The peafowl get enough food and the squirrels mainly eat the leftovers pluss I like watching the squirrels. Over the years they have gotten tamer and are not so spookey anymore.

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